Friday, 24 April 2015

April News Part 4

Firstly, a thank you to all those who have visited and read the progress reports, this week we can celebrate 5,000 hits, impressive after just four months of existence. How long till the 10,000 barrier is breached...?

Midland Railway (later M&GN) 1886 6 Wheel Picnic Saloon 3

The main milestone this week is the last of the crimson gloss paint has been applied to the seaward side leaving only beading and lining on the vehicle now to be completed. The step irons, which have required modification, are now also complete and have been welded up and painted in primer. On the interior there has been progress with the decorative mirror next to the hand basin, and the lighting in the toilet cubicle has been installed.

Great Eastern Railway 1899 4 Wheel Brake Third 853

The ironwork which has been steadily progressing over the last month or so has now been completed in gloss black. They have now been stored ready for when they will be required during the main restoration.

British Railways 1957 Mark 1 Tourist Second Open E4641

More metal has been cut out of the Sheringham end of the carriage, two of the critical “crash pillars” which form the strength at the end have now been cut out and a wasted section of plate work beneath has been replaced. The sinister seaward side doorway has had a reprieve and awaits its turn for attention... Preparations are being made for further repairs, in the form of gutter removal at the top of the carriage from the Sheringham end back towards the centre of the coach. This allows access for the metalwork repairs at the top of the bodyside structural pillars. The luggage racks mentioned last week are no completed and in sore ready for refitting, whilst work has begun on sanding down and repainting some of the lighting fittings for the Holt end saloon.
Sheringham end devoid of crash pillars - also showing the new plate work

British Railways 1956 Mark 1 Gangwayed Brake M81033

This coach has progressed on four fronts. Firstly, the bogies have been adjusted to bring the riding height of the coach as close as possible to perfection: a requirement of the railway’s future plans to operate the dining train on part of the national network to Cromer. Secondly, also for Cromer running acceptance, inspections of the structural “crash pillars” have been made which required the partial stripping out of the kitchen to gain access to these hidden components. To our relief, they are in good condition. Thirdly, a troublesome sliding door which had thrown all its ball bearings out of its runners was stripped down, repaired, and the disturbed panelling made good. Finally, a vacuum valve/mounting bracket has been designed and fabricated ready for fitting to the underframe. This valve stops the vacuum brakes being released whilst the handbrake is in the “on” position and will hopefully prevent a reoccurrence of the incident which caused the coach’s wheel set damage. It will hopefully be fitted and tested next week.
The vacuum/handbrake valve

British Railways 1956 Mark 1 Suburban Brake Second E43357

As suggested last week, the second and final coat of crimson was applied this week to the exterior, and has attracted several favourable comments. The ends of the coach are also complete in black gloss and the first of the sign-written notices “Kings Cross Suburban” have been applied to the ends. Work now turns to the smaller finishing jobs such as cleaning excess paint off the windows/door locks, and painting smaller items to complete the repaint process. On the interior, a lack of paint has prevented the guards van interior from being painted, however some other items of “guards furniture” such as the handbrake mounting and equipment cupboards have been undercoated. The light fittings have also been fitted in the guards van, which completes the ceiling area.
Sign writing has started on the ends

British Railways 1954 Mark 1 Suburban Second E46139

No progress to report this week, however it’s new position outside has made a sunny picture possible.

British Railways 1955 Mark 1 Suburban Second Lavatory Open E48001

Work on the interior wood continues: varnishing has started on the Sheringham saloon seat ends.
E48001 in its new position, behind some equally dilapidated heritage...

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