Thursday, 16 April 2015

April News Part 3

Much excitement this week as the workshop has been treated to two shunts moving various vehicle’s in and out. The highlight of this was the Picnic Saloon seeing daylight for the first time in about two years. Seeing the vehicle outside from a wider angle emphasised the 6 wheel underframe arrangement and reinforces what an interesting addition to the vintage train this vehicle will be.
No3 outside

Midland Railway (later M&GN) 1886 6 Wheel Picnic Saloon 3

As hinted last week, the tidy up has enabled another attempt at some seaward side gloss paint, which was successfully applied onto roughly the top half of that side of the vehicle. Going back to March News Part 3, about 50% of the footstep brackets (which were found to be the incorrect size last month) have been re-welded to a more suitable configuration. This has been possible now that the society’s welder has returned from holiday (a surprising move as we thought he would never return after escaping from the workshop in the first place...).

On the interior, it’s all about luggage. The four luggage racks, which accommodate small items above the picture frames in the main passenger saloon, have now been assembled and fitted to the vehicle. These really are a work of art with hand “knitted” nets strung between varnished wooden supports and are a nice addition to the interior. The floor of the luggage area in the end of the coach has also been sanded, filled and painted in black undercoat (the end of the restoration must be in sight if the floors are being attended to?).
Luggage netting

Great Eastern Railway 1899 4 Wheel Brake Third 853

Some more ironwork, mainly the “cups” which secure the rubber rings in the suspension springs, have been shot-blasted and primed up and have joined the other bits and pieces which have already been done.

British Railways 1957 Mark 1 Tourist Second Open E4641

A milestone has been reached with the exterior metalwork repairs. The halfway point has been passed, with all welding and re-panelling work completed in the Holt half of the carriage. The same process now begins for the Sheringham end of the coach, and no time has been wasted in making a start. The Sheringham end vestibule has been stripped out of its woodwork and the floor has been entirely removed so that access is available to repair the corridor end. The seaward side doorway at this end is in horrendous condition and will need total replacement. Returning to the Holt end, the eight window frames have progressed to gloss paint so are ready for being refitted with the glass when the time comes. About ¾ of the interior luggage racks for the Holt end have also been extracted and cleaned up manually, cleaning the aluminium corrosion and improving their appearance, a pretty thankless task.
Completed panel and floor repairs in the Sheringham end

British Railways 1956 Mark 1 Gangwayed Brake M81033

This dining train kitchen vehicle has been moved into the workshop this week to have its running gear attended to. Immediately lifted on the jacks, severe wheel flats were found on the Holt end bogie however the Sheringham end was not as damaged as initially thought.

Originally the plan was to do a simple bogie swap with a similar coach which normally performs a static function at Sheringham. However the bogies on the donor coach were found to have a very different type of brake-gear so as much time would have been spent modifying brakes than the time saved by doing a bogie swap in the first place. So it was agreed instead to clean up and manually reshape the wheels on the Sheringham end bogie of M81033, whilst swapping the damaged wheelsets out of the Holt end with some examples in stock at Weybourne. This was completed successfully, although a lot of work was required as the new wheelsets had to be stripped down and cleaned/prepared and the axle boxes and bearings swapped over etc.

Both bogies also got a good check over and a thorough oiling up before being returned underneath the coach.
The damaged wheelset - since replaced

British Railways 1956 Mark 1 Suburban Brake Second E43357

The guards van interior walls have now joined the ceiling in receiving its cream gloss paint, although a second coat is required. Work on the external repaint is also progressing very well: this week the landward side and two ends of the coach were undercoated, and then both sides and both ends received their first crimson top coat. Work on further rubbing down and a second gloss coat will continue next week.
Crimson top coat

British Railways 1954 Mark 1 Suburban Second E46139

This coach has been moved outside as a necessity for the duration of the time M81033 is in the workshops for its unscheduled repairs.

British Railways 1955 Mark 1 Suburban Second Lavatory Open E48001

E48001 has been moved around the yard and repositioned on the “cripple siding” which brings it slightly closer to the workshop and also puts it in a less used area of the yard so restoration won’t be disturbed so much by shunting manoeuvres.

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