Sunday, 3 September 2017

September News Part 1

The Steam Gala is in full swing this weekend closing a successful week of restoration and preparation.

Great Eastern Railway 1899 4 Wheel Brake Third 853

Work on the underframe continues, with the springs being the focus of attention this week. The spring hanger eye bolts have been machined down slightly as these were reclaimed from a 1950's railcar bogie and are slightly too large for the brackets on this much older vehicle.

The first of the four springs has also been fitted into position and loosely arranged with its hangers.

British Railways 1959 Brake Corridor Composite E21224

With the arrival of 4843 into the workshops some resources have had to be directed away from 21224. However interior sanding of the bulkheads has continued and the sides of the corridor wall that face into the passenger compartments have now been sanded, and they have come up beautifully.

Of course, interior woodwork varnishing continues. Some of the sections, such as the toilet doors, are gaining the characteristic "sheen" that tells us they are approaching completion!

British Railways 1959 Tourist Second Open M4843

Our latest project has now arrived, this has replaced E4236 as the next "Silver standard" (or intermediate) overhaul. The coach has been inspected and the scope of works agreed. The interior is in great condition so will not be disturbed at all unless necessary. The exterior requires much more work and 1/4 of the coach will be re-panelled with steel from the windows downwards. Both corridor connections will be removed and the ends cleansed of corrosion before the corridors are refitted. The sides will be patch welded and cracked filler removed and re-filled where required. The doors are to be checked but are in overall good condition so again, will be repaired "as required". The roof and bodysides will then be fully repainted and anything removed reassembled. Easy!

We made a start immediately on stripping the interior out on the 1/4 of the carriage which is going to be paneled, so that we don't set fire to the inside! This has now been completed and a start has been made on removing the four windows in the affected area.

Further down the same side, the cracked filler has been removed and a good start has been made on refilling the lower sections, the upper sections can be done once the coach enters the staging area.

Finally, we have also started loosening off components that form the Holt end corridor connection, in preparation for getting them off at some point.

British Railways 1960 Covered Carriage Truck E94464

This vehicle suffered a disruption this week as it was required at Sheringham to unload some bits stored inside for the Steam Gala. We taped up the windows in case it rained and it made a brief trip to Sheringham for these duties. It has now returned inside the shed. Some extra volunteers who were available during the steam gala were deployed on the vehicle, stripping the old flaking paint off the Sheringham end doors, which are made from plywood.

Some light sanding down of interior panels has also been completed ready for refreshing the interior. Approximately 1/3rd has been prepared so far.

Some limited progress has also been made on the steelwork repairs, with a door receiving a new patch at the bottom.

Southern Railway 1951 Parcels & Miscellaneous Van 1476

The extra paint arrived for the vehicle so the landward side was fully finished in green gloss just before visitors started arriving for the gala weekend. This now leaves only the hidden, seaward side to attend to. A lot of this has already been cleaned up and rubbed down ready for painting.

Colman's 1908 Mustard Van 4807 & Hurst Nelson 1942 4 Wheel Tank 1982

No progress to report from Holt.


As part of the preparations for the Steam Gala, a day was spent oiling the axleboxes on the freight train at Holt, something that has to be done each time it is used given the amount of water that gets inside the axleboxes when it is stabled out of service.

Wagon Spares

The second of the four spare wheelsets has now been cleaned down of rust and a start made on painting it.

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