Friday, 21 April 2017

April News Part 4

With all the excitement of the Steam Gala upon us, it has been hard to concentrate in the workshops on the final day of the working week. However an action packed tea break was still to be had watching the engines (and Suburban 4 set!) go by...

5 wise monkeys enjoying the gala!

Great Eastern Railway 1899 4 Wheel Brake Third 853

Painting of the underframe continues with all of the inside of the chassis now rust-killed. Metal primer is now progressing smartly along all of the steel sections.

The woodwork on the doors also continues to progress.

British Railways 1959 Brake Corridor Composite E21224

The woodwork varnish stripping mentioned last week has continued, as has the paint stripping from the vehicle's ends. The Sheringham end has now been completed as far as we can go until the coach is moved into the staged area, so we have now started the same process at the Holt end.

Great progress continues to be made on the bodywork. The area around the guards van has had some skin added on top of the new framework and the first compartment side has been cut out and new framework welded in. The first section of lower "skirt", which runs along the bottom, has also been welded into position and is pictured below:

British Railways 1956 Tourist Second Open E4236

The latest project has arrived...exciting! It comes in the form of TSO E4236, built 61 years ago at British Railways' York works and more recently in service as one of our front line vehicles. It has come in for corrosion repairs to the ends, doors, doorways and some windows. It will also be repainted and generally refreshed, having last been painted eight years ago.

It has only been in for four days but already preparations to remove the Holt end corridor connection (for steelwork repairs) have been made, and several doors have been removed. These are in fair to poor condition so will be repaired where required, the first of which has already been stripped down and is in the process of being repaired. The seaward side toilet window has also been removed in readiness for corrosion to be put right.

Elsewhere on the coach, lot of yellow circles have appeared where flaking paint is to be removed or more serious work done, although the sides of this carriage are in good condition compared to the ends and doorways.

It is anticipated that this coach will receive a modicum of improvement works but will be returned to service relatively quickly.

British Railways 1958 Class 101 Railcar Driving Trailer Second Lavatory M56352

No progress to report.

Royal Navy 4 Wheel Flat 269

More good progress has been made on the repainting front. The last sections of the underframe have received their gloss black and only the wheels now remain in primer. The sides have now been lettered out with the vehicle's number, dimensions and RNAD insignia. This has also included picking out some information plates in red with white lettering.

New oil pads (which lubricate the axles) have also been ordered so that the axleboxes can go back together.

War Department 1943 Austerity 90775

Our locomotive shaped visitor has now exited the shed so that it could be on display for the Steam Gala weekend. The only task that remains is the application of the new, larger, emblems on the tender.


As suggested last week, work to unload our stores vehicle onto the mezzanine floor has now started in earnest. The woodwork and fittings store, which is at the Sheringham end of the carriage, has been tackled first and is about 50% emptied now.

Fame at Last

A while ago, the Pavilion on Cromer Pier used our upholstery facilities, including a vintage Seiko sewing machine for some publicity shots for their production of “Made in Dagenham” about the ladies who fought for pay equality in the Ford motor works at Dagenham. The show is playing between May 27 to June 3.

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