Friday, 17 February 2017

February News Part 3

Great Eastern Railway 1899 4 Wheel Brake Third 853

Another case of "more of the same", I'm afraid. Most of the folks have been occupied further progressing the door reconstructions. Lots of woodwork and filler has been appearing as a result. After a long absence Monkey has finally returned, we're not sure what he's been up to but he mentioned something about American politics... He was on hand to supervise the door works in any case!

Great Northern Railway (later M&GN) 1887 6 Wheel Third 129

No progress to report.

British Railways 1960 Restaurant Buffet (Refurbished) E1969

The aluminium window frames and door edging strips mentioned last week are now fully finished off, with their filled holes (over the rivets) now dressed smooth and a coat of etch primer applied throughout.

Paint preparation work continues with a particular focus on the lower half of the seaward side. Not too much to report on the task, as it is the classic sand/fill/sand/fill/sand routine, which doesn't really translate into exciting words very well!

The interior has just had a little bit of finishing works done to it to tidy up some of the damage caused by removing the windows, such as touching in of varnish.

British Railways 1955 Mark 1 Suburban Composite Lavatory E43041

Re-upholstery of the final three (third class) compartments is now approaching its end. It is anticipated that these last seats will be completed and fitted over the next few weeks, which will signal the end of this major rebuild.

British Railways 1958 Class 101 Railcar Driving Trailer Second Lavatory M56352

As suggested last week, the second coating of the green gloss has progressed at a fast pace this week, and the main panel painting is now complete except for the yellow warning panel on the cab end. The seaward side aluminium window frames have also been painted silver, following the landward examples which were treated last week.

Our trusty volunteers on Wednesday attended to several smaller outstanding tasks, with the edges of the gutter painted grey where the gloss green from the bodysides has splashed onto them. A lock was also adjusted on one of the doors and a spacial block to provide it with extra support fitted. It now operates much better.

The current task is now the lining out of the vehicle, which was started as soon as the green had hardened off enough to mark out the lines. So far, a first coat has been applied to the upper of the two cream lines which run the full length of the vehicle. In total there is around 260 feet of lines to paint on, by hand!

British Railways 1959 Class 03 Diesel Shunter D2063

The cab window fitting has progressed and the engine room doors have been painted and are now ready for refitting.


The Axeman made his triumphant return and has immediately returned bearing cake. He certainly knows how to get into a place, although that is perhaps not surprising given that he previously worked for the Prison Service! (No, not as an inmate...). He has made a start of constructing a main support for the winch that is to be fitted to the new mezzanine floor. This is specially shaped to attach to the steel roof supports of the building and will be a useful addition to this area.

Monkey has, of course, inspected and declared his approval!


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