Saturday, 7 November 2015

November News Part 1

London North Eastern Railway 1924 Quad Articulated Set 74

As hinted last issue, the end is nigh for the Quad-Art saga and we will hopefully be getting our workshop back. Everybody involved with these coaches over the past three weeks needs a great pat on the back. The rubbing down/re-varnish process was undertaken in record time and the four coach set is now back at Holt and is available in time for a photo charter later this month. During the final week, all the windows were polished inside and out, the door grab handles were repainted, the bufferbeams and end vacuum pipes were repainted and the vacuum reminder device was fitted and tested successfully. This means it is now not possible for an engine to create vacuum if the handbrake is applied on the Quad set. Some brake blocks were also changed and the brakes have all been adjusted by Dan. Dan needs a special award for doing the majority of the brake work by himself as Chris was simply too busy working on W46139....such a shame.

Dan adjusting brakes

British Railways 1955 Mark 1 Suburban Composite Lavatory E43041

The next compartment of rotten framework has now been cut out leaving a large aperture where new steel will one day flourish.

A trial replacement window side arrived but is sadly not quite suitable for our needs...

A pattern (left) and replacement (right) window side for a suburban

Door reconstruction also continues in a similar vain to last week.

British Railways 1954 Mark 1 Suburban Third W46139

The body prep has been furthered with the second half completed this week. The whole coach has now been dusted down and is ready for a coat of primer. More loose ends have been progressed with various items on the doors polished up and glass cleaned on the inside. More floor smoothing has been done to ready these areas for new lino.

British Railways 1955 Mark 1 Suburban Third Lavatory Open E48001

A fair number of copper pipework joints have been soldered up ready for plumbing into the toilets. Some woodwork that goes around the door apertures has also been in the workshop to have replacement pieces glued into where the cut-outs were for the door locks. These no longer align so will have to be re-cut to suit the new doors.

Martin refurbishing toilet components

Contract Work

Some steel corners for Mark 1 coaches have also been welded up as a contract job.

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