Sunday, 20 September 2015

September News Part 2

Due to your author being off from work – the blog is a late, truncated, and imageless affair this week, do not fear however the blog has not been privatised and hopefully it will return to full strength as soon as possible...

Midland Railway (later M&GN) 1886 6 Wheel Picnic Saloon 3

The step boards, complete with triangular sections on the backs (pictured last week), have now all been completed. The vacuum system has also been confirmed as fully armed and operational so the vehicle really is on the brink of entering traffic. Exciting times!

Great Northern Railway (later M&GN) 1887 6 Wheel Third 129

The buffers mentioned last week have been fitted firmly and the various ancillaries that go with them pinned in position and checked successfully. These internally “modern” buffers with a heritage exterior are quite an impressive way of doing things effectively whilst keeping the Edwardian charm...

British Railways 1957 Mark 1 Tourist Second Open E4641

All of the exterior glass has been cleaned ready for refitting, and the landward side window frames are all now fitted properly and the countersunk heads filled smooth.

British Railways 1955 Mark 1 Suburban Composite Lavatory E43041

The week has seen dramatic progress on the asbestos stripping of the vehicle, which as one would expect from professional contractors has been completed quickly with seemingly little fuss. The coach’s plastic “cocoon” has been used to full effect and the interior flooring and toilets all stripped of the lethal material which was stopping us from sinking our teeth into the body reconstruction. Meanwhile, work on the doors has continued off the vehicle, with two particularly poor examples having an entire lower-half replacement with new steel. Finally, some limited work on the interuior components has been able to be started already despite the coach being so earl in its restoration. Approximately half of the polished aluminium heater control switches (from the compartments) have been cleaned up to their former 1950’s glory.

British Railways 1954 Mark 1 Suburban Third W46139

The long-awaited brand new door cards and garnish rails arrived during the week but the former have not come as expected in appearance, possibly due to an error in manufacture. However the production/modification of the wooden edging strips below the door cards can cure the issue. This latter task is now currently in hand and a test door has been fitted with the edging strip/door card/garnish rail combination to test all the theories... Also progressing are some metal heat deflectors which we have decided to produce and fit to the floors below the heaters. These are made from steel and are being painted silver on one side to hopefully encourage heat up through the seats into the passengers rather than down through the floor and into oblivion!

British Railways 1955 Mark 1 Suburban Third Lavatory Open E48001

No update this week, although that certainly doesn’t mean there has been no progress!

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