Friday, 27 March 2015

March News Part 3

The blog is back after a week’s holiday, so bumper progress to report on...

Midland Railway (later M&GN) 1886 6 Wheel Picnic Saloon 3

More progress inside and out. On the exterior, great steps have been made with the paintwork. The landward side crimson gloss is fully complete and the top half of the seaward side has been similarly treated. Additionally, this has cleared the way for the mouldings on the landward side to be glossed in black, which has changed the “look” of the coach again. Also on the outside, it has been discovered that the footboards of the vehicle are actually lower than the current set of brackets (ready to fit to the chassis) allow so these will have to be modified by the tame welder in the near future.
Black mouldings and a completed crimson side

Moving inside, two out of the six saloon lights have had specially made castings added to the rims which complete them nicely. The remaining four are still to be cast so will follow later. The two picnic tables have had a further coat of varnish, it is intended that the final coats are to be applied when the weather is slightly warmer. On the two passenger doors, the sliding ventilators have been fitted which brings the doors close to completion. Inevitably, we now move to the toilet where a light “mount” is being constructed. This is wedge shaped to fit into the curve of the ceiling and will ensure the (mock) gas lamp sits level.
A completed saloon light

Great Eastern Railway 1899 4 Wheel Brake Third 853

A sizeable amount of work has been done on this vehicle considering it is still locked away in storage. Preparations are being made on some metalwork which is already inside the workshop. A set of brackets which essentially hold the main springs for the axles have been salvaged off an ex Southern Railway PMV van, 1137, the chassis of which was scrapped long ago whilst the body survives as the headquarters of the permanent way department. These brackets require some remedial work however they have all been dismantled into their separate parts and two (out of eight) brackets have been shot blasted. Also salvaged, this time from a scrapped Class 101 DMU bogie, are eight threaded “eyes” that go through the brackets and form the adjustment for the springs. These have also been cleaned up and primed. Finally, there are two I shaped poles which fit on the backs of the seats and support the roof (remember there are only two passenger compartments in this vehicle) which again have been cleaned and primed.
The spring brackets (front), threaded "eyes" (at the back on the right) and I shaped poles (on top) for 853

British Railways 1957 Mark 1 Tourist Second Open E4641

A lot of work has been completed on our mainline Mark 1 overhaul. Our metalworker is doing a fine job ploughing through the previously unexpected corrosion which was discovered in the floor. This has been partially cut away in an area extending over two windows in the Holt/seaward area and new metal is replacing the old. It is very important to get these structural elements of the carriage repaired before any further steel panelling is attached.

Meanwhile volunteers have assisted in cleaning up more parts of the interior, with the aluminium luggage racks being polished to improve their appearance. Readers must now prepare themselves for the revelation that is Toilet-gate. During the ongoing reconstruction of the lavitorial area, the porcelain sink and toilet were removed from storage ready for reinstallation. However once the toilet was lined up and the “waste hole” cut into the new lino/floor, underneath was revealed an impenetrable steel section of the chassis about four inches below the pan (We were told heads would roll if the toilet was delayed!). A special design of chute is currently being investigated. The rest of the toilet by comparison is going well, with the window now installed and the window woodwork also fitted. A sink was cleaned up ready for fitting, but sadly it was discovered at the last minute that irreparable cracks would prevent it being used.
Toilet window now fitted

British Railways 1956 Mark 1 Suburban Brake Second E43357

With the beading finished in the guards van, this week has seen the wiring trunking finished, and additional trunking fitted for the guards lights. These lights have also been fitted and tested.

British Railways 1954 Mark 1 Suburban Second E46139

One bogie has now reached completion after being painted in black gloss and all the brakegear and axleboxes reassembled, adjusted and lubricated. It is now back under the carriage. The second bogie is not far being and is now also black glossed, with work on brakegear reassembly and axle restoration currently underway.
Completed interior

On the interior, the ceilings are now all in undercoat, having received two coats, and work is progressing on some crescent shaped panels which sit immediately next to the ceilings to bring them up to the same stage.

Hurst Nelson 1944 Fuel Oil Tanker 5304

All the brackets for the through vacuum pipe have now been completed following the application of black paint. All that remains now is the fitting of the pipe to the actual wagon.


Although not very exciting, the annual examinations of the running Mark 1’s based at Sheringham have been completed over several days. This includes (but isn’t limited to) examination of the buckeye couplings and running gear, oiling and adjusting of brakes, and other sundry tests. A fair amount of work was flagged up with the tests and was completed putting the coaches in a good position to start the season next week.

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  1. The 'I' posts for the GER brake were recovered from a farm in mid-Norfolk nearly 25 years ago. Good to see they are now being used. Andy Butler